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About Us

Do you have a great product or service but don't get the visibility you deserve? Do you want to stand out from the crowd?

Distinct Web is a fully integrated SEO/SEM agency specialising in small to medium enterprises and individuals.

We save you and your company time and money by promoting your website on the Google searches and giving you access to a transparent and efficient platform to track how your website(s) are progressing.

We offer packaged services which bring together on-line and off-line marketing efforts in a harmonious and consistent way. Our unique formula will get you results within weeks, results that will last and more importantly, results that you can track.

We like challenges, finding solutions and turning ideas into plans. We are also all about building relationships and putting our customers first.

Who are we

Peter Blue - Founder Distinct Web
Peter Blue Has been involved with technology for many years. He served in the British armed forces and was responsible for some of the software projects used in the first Gulf War.

For the last 15 years Peter has been involved with many web-based projects. These typically feature partial or total automation, database back-ends, built-in SEO, security and anti-spam systems. He is self-taught in many areas and formally trained in others.

He started the Distinct Web project in 2018 to help a friend disappear from the web but quickly realised that it could be used for all kinds of specialised tasks, including boosting websites up Google search results.

Victoria Salem - Founder Distinct Web
Victoria Salem is a French entrepreneur who has fallen in love with London back in 2014 and decided to make this city her home. Victoria runs several businesses including The Golden Network and was one of the first to experience the success and efficiency of the Distinct Web's platform.

Indeed, within weeks, Peter managed to get Victoria's main two websites on the first pages of the google searches for her selected key phrases. This is when she decided to create a partnership and work with Peter in order to help other entrepreneurs and business owners with similar challenges.

Victoria is passionate about networking and building relationships: if she is not running her own events, you will probably find her attending her contact's events or running networking workshops. She is always happy to help and introduce her connections. A 'networking queen' as some would call her…

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